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General Procedure for Legal Weddings in Indonesia
This document contains general advice in regard to requirements for a legal wedding in Indonesia. Requirements for the Civil Registry Office only vary in relation to Protestant and Catholic religions. Requirements can vary with each Embassy but generally the procedure is much the same. The time taken to produce the CNI (Certificate of Non Impediment) is usually one day but can take longer by some Embassies. For detailed information, contact the Consular Representative of your country for details well before the intended date of marriage. Also note that some Embassies have Consulates in Bali that can issue the CNI but others must be obtained in Jakarta prior to traveling to Bali for your Wedding. More detailed information can be provided once a Legal Wedding is confirmed. A full religious Christian (non legal) wedding can be performed with the legal formalities performed in your country of residence.

For the most part, any couple who are of one of the five (5) religions recognized by Government of Indonesia - Christian (2) (Protestant & Catholic), Moslem, Hindu or Buddhism may be legally married in Indonesia. However, the preference is that the couple be of the same religious belief. The marriage should be registered with the district Civil Registrar & the ceremony must be performed under religious rites.

For the Notice of Intention to Marry the following documents for both partners must be presented to the Civil Registry Office at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding date:

(Copies of documents can be faxed to us at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. All originals must be brought to Bali with you for presentation and verification by the authorities prior to your wedding)

  • Birth certificates for both Bride & Groom
  • Detailed copies of valid passport for both Bride & Groom
  • Details of religious faith; (ie baptism certificate required for Catholic wedding).
  • Form CAPIL for legal registration with the Civil Registrant – will be supplied
  • Written parental consent for any person under the age of 21 (Men 18-21yrs and Women 16-21yrs)
  • Death certificate of former spouse (when relevant)
  • Decree absolute divorce certificate (when relevant)
  • Two (2) witnesses over the age of 18 years are required.
  • Details of names, addresses, professions of witnesses (this information will form part of Form CAPIL above).
  • Photocopies of witnesses valid passports if they are foreign citizens. Witnesses must present original passports to civil registrant officer for verification on arrival in Bali. If you do not have any witnesses these can be arranged by us in Bali.
  • Six (6) photographs (6 x 4cm) of the couple in same photo. Photo must be of the head & shoulders only, side by side (groom on the right), looking straight. These photos will be attached to your wedding certificate (1 (one) original certificate from Civil Registrar and 1 (one) original certificate from the church of your religion.
  • Letter of Mutual Agreement – form will be supplied

Catholic Couples must also present :

  • Baptism Certificates - Mandatory. (Indonesian citizens must have this certificate authorized by their local Priest within 3 months of the wedding date).
  • "Letter of Freedom" issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to marry.
  • "Letter of Delegation" issued by your Parish Priest or other Church Official, declaring that they have no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church in Bali.
  • Pre Nuptial Course
  • Pre Marriage Inquiry
  • If a Catholic wishes to marry a non-Catholic through the Catholic Church then an additional document known as a Dispensation for Disparity of Religion is also required. The document will usually be issued after the couple has attended a 6 weeks instruction process from their Church, however if you have no objection to conducting your wedding as a Christian ceremony only then the above documentation is not required.

Divorced Catholics cannot be married in Indonesia.

For Catholic couples who may not be able to fulfill these requirements they may still be have a Christian wedding ceremony but would first need to make statement that they agree to be blessed as protestants.

Important Note: Because of the many rules & regulations related to Catholic Couples, we recommend a minimum of one month preparation period and the religious ceremony cannot be confirmed until all documents required by the Catholic Church have been received and verified by the local Church Authorities.

Formalities that must be completed in Indonesia :

Indonesian authorities require that all foreigners planning to marry in Indonesia obtain a "CNI" (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage) before the wedding. Non impediment to marriage certificate, legalized by respective embassy or consulate in Indonesia, certifying that the couple has no objection to getting married in Indonesia and that they have not been previously married. In the event of a previous marriage, official documentation of legal divorce or death certificate is required. In most cases, a signed, religious affidavit may be requested by the embassy or consulate of their former spouse.

The bride and groom must declare affiliation with one of five religions: Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or Islam.

For the Embassy/Consulate to issue this letter, each couple must personally visit their country's respective Embassy/Consulate to swear an oath that they are free to marry. Once the oath has been taken, the ‘Certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage’ will be produced and handed over. This is usually done on the spot. Documents required for your application will depend on your nationality and your Embassy's requirements.

Other services offered by your Consulate or Embassy are :

  • Registration of a foreign marriage with your home country’s General Registry Office (Mandatory for all countries).
  • Translation of the Indonesian Marriage Certificate to your home country’s official language. Mandatory for British Nationals, optional for others.

Marriage Certificates will be issued by the Civil Registry usually on the same or next day. It is recommended that a sworn translation in your home country’s language of the marriage certificate should be obtained for use abroad. It is not necessary for the marriage certificate or translation to be registered by your Embassy/Consulate. However, to have the sworn translation of the marriage certificate verified or a special translation made by the Embassy/Consulate of your home country or the Embassy/Consulate of your country of residence might prove useful.

  • Australia: Consulate in Bali
  • Australia: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Canada: Embassy in Jakarta
  • China: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Colombia: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Croatia: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Denmark: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Finland & Sweden: Consulate in Bali
  • Germany: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Hungary: Embassy in Jakarta
  • India: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Korea: Jakarta
  • Malaysia: Jakarta
  • Netherlands: Consulate in Bali
  • Singapore: Embassy in Jakarta
  • South Africa: Embassy in Jakarta
  • Spain: Jakarta
  • Switzerland: Consulate in Bali
  • Austria: Consulate in Bali
  • Thailand: Jakarta
  • United Kingdom: Embassy in Jakarta
  • United States: Consulate in Bali
  • Italy: Consulate in Bali
  • France: Consulate in Bali
  • Japan: Consulate in Bali
  • Norway: Consulate in Bali

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